Welcome to my first blog posting!  To start, I thought it might be fun to go through the process, and ‘demo’ a painting from beginning to end.  Here’s the photo I’m working from, but to give you a heads up, it won’t look exactly the same, it will be ‘my interpretation’ of the photo.


I start off with black pastel paper, with a torn (deckled) edge, and now I’m ready to go!  I quickly sketch and place in all shapes, objects, clouds, etc- this does not take long usually.


I then begin with the area in the photo that is furthest back in space, and work forward, so that my last area I’m working on will be the area closest to me- in this case, the ground will be last and closest.


I begin with the sky in the back, blending as I go…I then work on the closer clouds in the foreground.


I use my fingertips to soften the edges of the clouds.  The details and the ground are last, then voila!  The finished painting!


This was just a quick demo, but fun!  Email or send me questions if you have any, I’d love to hear from you!