I thought I’d share my ‘floating’ process since it’s an important one for me- all of my paintings are floated in their wood frames, meaning that they are mounted on foam core board and not framed inside a traditional matte frame. Below is my process- I begin by measuring my painting, then add 2″ to all sides to account for the white space needed between the frame and the image. (I measure 2 1/4″ at the bottom). I then cut the matte board to size. I now measure foam core board 1″ smaller than my image in height and width, and cut that to size. I add double sided ATG tape to the foam core board and adhere to the back of my painting. I then add ATG tape again to the other side of the foam core board and adhere to the matte board for the final project. I measure the 2″ again with a tape measure before I use brown paper to gently adhere the pastel painting to the matte board with the foam board in between. That’s it! The final product usually looks pretty darn clean!