ASLD Summer Art Market

This weekend was the Annual Art Market held by the Art Student’s League of Denver down on 2nd and Grant- what fun!  It’s full of wonderful art- great quality and every type.  I caught up with Kathy Beekman, my mentor, and one of my favorite all-time-people!  If you didn’t catch it this year, try to go next year.  While I was not in the festival, I plan to be a part of some kind of festival next year.  Keep posted for more details!



Floating a painting…

I thought I’d share my ‘floating’ process since it’s an important one for me- all of my paintings are floated in their wood frames, meaning that they are mounted on foam core board and not framed inside a traditional matte frame. Below is my process- I begin by measuring my painting, then add 2″ to all sides to account for the white space needed between the frame and the image. (I measure 2 1/4″ at the bottom). I then cut the matte board to size. I now measure foam core board 1″ smaller than my image in height and width, and cut that to size. I add double sided ATG tape to the foam core board and adhere to the back of my painting. I then add ATG tape again to the other side of the foam core board and adhere to the matte board for the final project. I measure the 2″ again with a tape measure before I use brown paper to gently adhere the pastel painting to the matte board with the foam board in between. That’s it! The final product usually looks pretty darn clean!





Favorite places…

In the town of Castle Rock, one of my favorite places, is the Greater Castle Rock Art Guild Art on the Edge Art Center! It’s located in downtown Castle Rock at 314 Wilcox, and it’s a beauty. The gallery is full of rich lighting, exposed brick and rough-hewn beams. I’ve had the privilege of showing there a few times now, and it’s an honor. If you have time, drop in! Hours are Tues-Thurs 11-8, Fri-Sat 11-9, Sun 10:30-4, Closed Mondays. See



The People…

What a pleasure it was to sell ‘Flow’ to Barb and Jim Tallant, of Castle Rock, CO. It found a home above their mantle, and looks just great!


The place…

It may look like a small cubby, but it’s mine, and it works for me! Surrounded by good lighting, especially in the morning, this alcove in my son’s room has become my studio. I work there most Tuesdays and Thursdays, with a little ‘Sue’s playlist’ going on in the background! Once I get going, hours can go by without even a glance at the clock. If you are interested, come by for a visit!